Health Care Industry Clients

We counsel and advise many health care providers and businesses in a variety of issues. Many times our health care related clients need healthcare specific advice about industry-specific issues (e.g. corporate compliance, audits, plans of correction, clinical issues, CMS 855 forms, mergers & acquisitions, etc.).

Many of our frequently encountered health care industry issues are:

Medical Home Program Initiatives

  • Safe Harbor Relationships
  • Contracting for the Sale of Stock or Assets
  • Business Organizations
  • Administrative Appeals
  • Marketing Models
  • Wage & Hour Compliance
  • Pay Practices
  • Face-to-Face Encounters
  • Auditing Personnel Policies
  • Instituting Compliance Plans


General Corporations & Businesses Clients

Although many of our clients are involved in the health care industry, we assist numerous clients who are not.  Much of our counseling and advice is dedicated to more general employer/employee issues (e.g. labor and hour issues, policy and procedure revision and development, business model efficiency concerns, etc.).  We can help with a lot of employment and business law issues such as: worker’s compensation issues, corporation formation (incl. LLC/LLP/etc.), general contract negotiation and drafting, workplace discrimination, workplace retaliation, and other aspects related to employment law. Also, we often review, draft, edit, and negotiate contracts for business relationships of all sorts.  The vast array of contracts encountered in any business operation are staggering, and we can help with many of them.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of who our client is, we continually try to give comprehensive advice that focuses on solutions for both:
The client’s immediate concerns, and ways for the client to avoid issues in the future.

Information that is provided here is NOT LEGAL ADVICE !

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